NaNoWriMo Day 19

I’m very excited about the story I’m currently writing and I’m also being pulled deeper into the novel. 

There is a delight to meeting novel people, even when those people are the product of my own brain. Or perhaps they are not. I read recently that some writers believe that their characters emerge to them complete, but mysterious, with their stories longing to be written. Certainly it seems that way with my current character. And yet I know that I dreamt him up. I hope you will all get an opportunity to meet him as well. 

The novel is turning a bit darker than I’m accustomed to writing, but it is intricate and fascinating for all that. I’m tracking my reactions as I go through the lessons and that is also interesting. I find that I shrink from strong emotions, but the key to creating emotion is to first feel them. 

Another thing I’m tracking time to figure out how to improve my productivity. I’m kind of amazed at the number and variety of interruptions to my writing time. I’ll need to fix that, though how to do so is a mystery. I may need to wake up earlier. 


My go-to expert for all things Vikings just posted a video on trade networks between Sweden and the Baltic states. I recommend it. He’s a good guy and a Fulbright scholar who has been researching and publishing on Viking Age trade for the past five years, including works in historical fiction and academic non-fiction. Unlike some academics he has a verve to his writing and speaking that makes everything more entertaining. Check it out!

That’s it for today’s update. I hope that you are carried away in fictional universes, whether you are writing them or reading them.

Be well, friends!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Carolyn! I’m glad the novel writing is going so well. Excited to read it! As you know, I like stories that are a little darker than expected 😁 but not too dark 😂

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