NaNoWriMo Day 2

I did a lot of prep work for NaNo yesterday and finished other work. I started on my NaNoNovel and the Relationships course today.

Our book-sized game supplement is now completely edited and formatted and ready to send to the editor. I still ┬áhave four graphics that need to be revised and one that needs to be created from scratch. I’ll work on those as I have time between writing sprints.

The first assignment in the relationships course is to come up with three potential titles and tag lines. The great thing about this assignment is that the unused titles and tag lines might stimulate new ideas for either the novel or the other relationship stories in the collection. The challenging part is just coming up with ideas. I am not even sure right now what genre this relationships collection will be in. But I set up a random generator for titles and that has helped. I also managed to get the beginning of a story today and wrote about 1,300 words in it. That’s not enough, but it is more than yesterday so I’m calling it a win. Every day I get better is a win.

That’s today’s very brief update. I hope things are going well wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Be well, friends!

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