NaNoWriMo – Day 22

Not a lot of writing yesterday but I am not too behind. I can still win NaNo if I write 2,200 words a day.

Instead of writing I finalized the full-sized cover for “Lightning Scarred” and formatted the internal text. I’ve made it available to Steve and Max for their comments. Next step is to get it set up in Book Funnel and send the link to John David Payne for the Micronomicon bundle. In January, it goes up for sale.

Here’s the cover with Anthony Cournoyer‘s art.

Lightning Scarred Cover


Next month the plan is to get a few more items moving through the publication process. I also need to work on our secret gaming project and continue the short story a week challenge. Steve and I both find the amount of work we’ve set up for ourselves or that we’ve signed a contract attached to be somewhat intimidating. Better to have too much work than none at all, right?

33,060 words

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