NaNoWriMo – Day 23

I’ve had problems with WordPress this morning, so this post is a bit late.

Remember how I said that I finalized the cover for “Lightning Scarred” yesterday? Well, it was semi-finalized. I checked several other short stories on Amazon and realized that the covers had the words “a short story” on them, so I added those words to my cover. I will revise this cover one more time before I put it up on Amazon to swap out the pretty gold lettering for black or white so that the title will stand out in a thumbnail size. Also, it’s kind of cool to give the Kickstarter contributors something a bit special.

I finished incorporating comments and set the story up on BookFunnel. And realized that I still need to make the PDF. I’ll do that later today and add it to the BookFunnel options. It’s very close to done, though.

The reason I am taking this short story so seriously is for a few reasons. First, I want to ensure that anyone who reads it will get the very best possible product I am capable of at this time. Second, I need to learn how to do this. Also I want to try out professionals who I hope to work with for larger works. I selected really impressive editors and the artist was also great to work with and produced a wonderful cover image. I’m pretty pleased with that. Finally, I needed to learn the tools and my craft. I chose people who could help me improve and learned software I will use again and again.

There were a few things I did wrong. I should have spent more time researching cover size requirements. What I have works, but next time I will ask for a wider width. I learned quite a bit about how to improve my writing. I anticipate a different class of corrections from my editors next time around.

My NaNoWriMo project continues to slip a bit each day. This weekend I intend to put a lot more words into it, but with a game and a meeting of Memphis Writers, that’s challenging.

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