NaNoWriMo Day 7

It is NaNo November and everywhere people are writing novels. I’m working on mine as well, but differently than in the past. I have less intensity, less sense of wanting to gnaw my own arm off to get this done than in the past. I’ve rediscovered the joy of writing by hand. And rediscovered the difficulties. I have no idea what my word count is. I don’t even care. All that is important right now is that I’m moving forward on our many projects, including the novel.

Today I went to a tea discussion with new friends. It was pure delight! Best of all I made new appointments to get to know several of them better. Rusch said recently, “I need to think about things other than writing to help my writing. Otherwise, I get too lost in writing/publishing/reading to be fresh and creative.” That is true of me as well. I need to refill my cup of humanity or my writing goes stale and then it goes away. Today I refilled my cup.

JMS asks often, “Where is it written that our dreams must be small?” It’s a balance to have big dreams, a need for rest and refreshment, and the need to live in the world. I don’t really know how it’s done, but I assume it’s like everything else in life, we build it step by step. On that topic, Mark Leslie Lebevre and Joanna Penn have written an excellent book on balancing writing and life called The Relaxed Author. I recommend it wholeheartedly. You can also find it right now in the NaNoWriMo StoryBundle. Pay at least $20 to get 16 books, including The Relaxed Author. It’s a great deal.

I hope you are finding balance in your life today. Be well, friends!

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