NaNoWriMo Day 8

I fall into bed at night completely drained of all energy, sapped of creativity, and barely able to form sentences. This is why the blog post sometimes doesn’t get done. I can’t put two words together. I can’t decide between potential duvet covers or wall colors.

It frustrates me. I would like to fizz with ideas 24/7. But I don’t. My coke goes flat by late evening. The creativity to figure out what will be for dinner saps every tiny bit left after working on the novel, short stories, and writing classes. Send condolences to Max and Steve. They’ve been eating a lot of leftovers lately.

Overall this probably indicates that I’m doing ok. I’m leaving everything on the field, as runners say. Or perhaps it means that I need more home-life balance. I don’t know.

I’m making progress on the novel. I’m making progress on the Relationships Collections course with Dean. I’m making progress on my short stories. And Steve and I are making progress with new gaming proposals. Plus we continue to get the house fixed up. It’s my fervent hope that I can have people over for dinner in December and have space for family to visit in March.

I’ve chosen this creative life intentionally and it’s a good life. But apparently my muse is a vampire. I hope your muse leaves you fizzy, but if you are also leaving everything on the field, good job! And condolences.

Be well, friends!

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