NaNoWriMo Day Three

There isn’t much to say today on NaNoWriMo Day 3. I didn’t get any words down for NaNo. However, I finished the graphics and the last minute text changes to our large game supplement and sent it in to the publisher. Yay!

Also, today is the last day you can support WMG’s Holiday Kickstarter, which is really fun! You’ll get a short story a day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. Two of those stories are mine! I don’t know when they’ll come through, but I’m as excited to read everyone else’s stories as I am to see my own in print. Kris Rusch is a fantastic editor. To support it, go here and put down your nickel. They’re on their fifth stretch goal which gives all base level supporters a bunch of books and a bunch of writing classes. It’s well worth supporting.

That’s it for me today. I hope your November is going great!

Be well, friends!

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