NaNoWriMo Days 5 and 6

I missed yesterday’s post so I’ll cover both days here. It’s been an emotionally wrenching few days for reasons that are personal and that I won’t go into here. The emotional overload has made it difficult to write. But a side effect of it seems to be that my muse has been released to think of new things in new ways in a variety of mediums. So I’ve worked on the novel. I’ve worked on the short relationship story collection. I’ve worked on brainstorming new gaming projects with Steve. I’ve brainstormed Medium articles. And I’ve worked on my homework for the classes I’m taking.

What is my word count? I have no earthly idea. There are words. There are ideas. That’s what I know. I have faith that this will go somewhere. I just don’t know where at this moment.

I hope your life is less chaotic than mine.

Be well, friends!

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