NaNoWriMo Gratitude

I wrote this morning’s post and forgot the most important thing, which was to thank the people that made this win possible. Rather than revising the previous post and trying to wedge this in, I’m giving it its own space.

Jenny, JLo, and Max have been my boon companions on this journey. If NaNoWriMo were a story, it would be a tale of daring adventure and these friends would be my team of adventurers, willing to dare greatly, but with enough heart to pull ourselves out of trouble when we got into it. I truly couldn’t have won without their help.

Memphis Writers, NaNo Memphis, and the Memphis Library, especially Sue Schnitzer (who did NaNoWriMo this year entirely in poetry!) were also valued supporters.

My tribe members from Superstars and my friends in Mary Robinette Kowal’s group, especially Rachel, Eva, and Kate were also helpful in this month’s journey (as was Mary Robinette herself).

Steve, my husband, took on so much this month to allow me to write. He is the best of all possible husbands. I cannot thank him enough. He is proof that people are good.

Finally, I have to thank those who read this blog and commented. That was an unexpected surprise and kept me happy in my writing.


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