No Frigate Like a Book

I sent Caedmon’s naval story to Mia Kleve, my editor. My group read the second third and liked it, which is a wonderful thing. They even liked the portion of the story that I was worried might offend them. But it turned out to be their favorite part. Which just goes to show that self-censorship cannot work because I don’t know what’s in other people’s heads.

Steve helped me quite a bit with it at the end. His explanations of why and how a commander would do things were so wonderful that I have started hinting around about him writing a book with me. Unfortunately he’s too busy right now with his writing projects, teaching for University of Memphis, teaching at the Naval War College, and so forth. But he didn’t say ‘no.’ Just ‘not right now.’

I’m back to writing my time travel romance, working on my writing courses, brainstorming for the new Thule book and the space opera I want to write. As hard as writing is on occasion, it’s mostly a joy. The best thing about writing stories is that I sail a ship to another world. The escape is worth the ticket cost.

Whether you are reading or writing or producing art, I hope that you are also taking virtual trips to other worlds. As Emily Dickinson said in one of my favorite poems, “There is no frigate like a book.”

Be well, friends!

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