One Ship Sails, Another Hull is Built

Last night I realized that the changes I was making to Thule were reaching the point where I was making the book different rather than better. It looks pretty good to me, now. Undoubtedly it still could be better, but it is time for the book to sail away and for me to start on the hull for my new literary ship: Argosy.

Late last night I pressed Publish on Lightning Scarred and Other Stories. It entered Amazon’s review process which can take up to 72 hours. I’ll let you know when it is available. When it is, it will be available through Kindle Unlimited, which means that anyone who subscribes to that service can read it for free. Others can still purchase it if they don’t have Kindle Unlimited.

Much thanks to everyone who helped make this book of short stories and eddas a reality. I’ve thanked everyone I can remember in the Acknowledgments. If I’ve forgotten your contribution, I apologize. Let me know. When I do a revision of the book to fix the errors I didn’t catch before publishing, I’ll modify it. (If you are wondering if you should tell me about my errors, the answer is yes. I appreciate that!)

Extra special thanks to Eva, Max, Nate, John, Ryan, and Miles who read most of these eddas and stories; to Konrad who wrote the essay on magic; and to Mia Kleve, my editor and Jennifer Lopez for her proofreading pen. I don’t even know how to thank Steve for all he is and has done. I thank more people in the book, but I just wanted to send some extra sugar to those people who had their hands on the stories in a serious way.

Today I will be working on a Cave Creek story. Tomorrow I start on Argosy and will be pushing aside almost everything else to work on that. I hope that by focusing Argosy with intensity and purpose that I can write it fast enough to outrun my problems with long stories. My rough plan is to average about 2,000 words a day, six days a week.

Cool Links for Writers

Dean Wesley Smith is once again writing in public. He’s challenged himself to write a book in half a month and as he does it he narrates his process, though doesn’t discuss the book itself. I always love it when he does this. As of today he is up to his third day and has written 8,454 words. Inspiring!

Linda Maye Adams produced a set of worksheets for Pantsers along with directions on how to use them. She is selling them on Gumroad. They look like they’ll be helpful.

Hope all your projects are going well and that you are safe and warm this week.

Be well, friends!

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