Options Block

My designer asked me yesterday whether I’d made a decision on what elements I wanted in something we’re ordering for the house. I hung my head and confessed that I have “Shopping Block” brought on by difficulty writing.

His assistant smiled and said she understands perfectly. She’s a writer as well. There is a point where there are simply too many choices and none of them are quite right. My inability to choose just one can lead to a cascade of difficulty and guilt. Fortunately with shopping, putting off the decision is sort of virtuous. It means that I buy less. My bank account thanks me.

Writing is a bit different, but also has the advantage that if I go down the wrong direction or choose the wrong word, there isn’t actually any problem there. It totally isn’t like buying an expensive appliance that doesn’t fit the space or do what I need. But I still freeze in the presence of too many choices. What do I write today? Where should this story go?

Why is Shopping Block easier to overcome? Damned if I know.

Superstars Writing Seminars

One of the very best things I’ve done for my writing and my life is attending Superstars Writing Seminars. I’ve met incredible people and learned things from top people in the business. I’ve made connections and been invited to submit to exclusive anthologies. And I continue to benefit from the collegiality of the event years later since we all stay in touch.

Superstars comes up in February. They’ve just opened up their scholarships for next year. If you are serious about your writing, if you need community, if you want to make connections, or if you want to learn from the top people in the industry, check it out. You can read my thoughts on Superstars from previous events on this blog.

Be well, friends!

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