Passover Greetings

Happy Passover!

I have a story in the current inspired by our family Zoom seder last year. “What Elijah Brought” is an unusual love story with a guaranteed Happy Ever After ending. It’s free to read right now. Kris Rusch told me that it made her tear up and urged me to send it out as soon as possible for publication. It turns out that she was right. Other people liked it as well. While you’re on take a look at their other great stories.

It’s been a long dry period when it comes to producing new words (even words for this blog, social media, or emails), but active in other ways. I’m getting more exercise and we’re eating a bit better after our February chocolate and wine bacchanal. I’m cleaning my house. We’ve both been half-vaccinated. And, we’ve been working on a variety of other things for an upcoming trip.

We have nibbles from editors (dependent on outlining and editing) in both gaming and fiction. So I may have news in a few weeks or months on those. Crossing my fingers!

I’m working on art as well. This is one of my latest images that I’m quite pleased with:

Dawn on the water and all that can be heard are seagulls and the light lapping of the water against the hull.

Patreon Joy

I love the people I support on Patreon and I figured you should hear about my favorites, just in case you are looking for some amazing creators to support. I support writers, artists, and one amazing producer. Today I’ll give you a writer and an artist that I love.

First, C.L. Polk has finally restarted their Patreon page, but with a difference. Instead of providing different tiers, they’ve decided to open their special content to all patrons who contribute at least $1. (If you want to support them with more money, you can, of course.) The writing advice is superb and it really is amazing that they are doing this. Plus they include backstory scenes from their books. If you are a struggling writer or a fan of Polk’s amazing Witchmark series or their latest book, The Midnight Bargain, then don’t delay. Go support them. (And if you haven’t picked up one of their books, you are missing out.)

Amanda Makepeace’s Patreon is a source of calm, art, and the occasional mini fine art print in the mail. It’s a delight. She is an award-winning science fiction/fantasy artist and a lovely person. One thing I love on her Patreon is that she does time-lapse videos showing her creating some bit of art. She also provides meditative art and videos online. She is my favorite Patreon artist.

That’s it for this time. Next time I’ll tell you about one of my other favorites from Patreon.

Be well, friends!

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