Today I found a blog so wonderful, I had to share it with my writing friends. I love a good writing book and I’ve bought hundreds over the years. In fact, I just bought a bunch through StoryBundle’s twice yearly offering of books for writers. (It’s a good deal, check it out!)

Writing Slices is a blog that reviews books for writers. I’ve gone through her ratings on books that I’ve read and find them on the money. In many cases she is a better reader than I am and I learned more reading her review about books I’ve read than I expected to. It’s a great way to sort out which books to try and which books to avoid.

Life is racing forward right now. We’re in the process of buying a house, packing to move into that house, getting our current house repaired now that we’re vaccinated and can let people inside, catching up on doctors visits after more than a year of avoiding leaving the house, finishing a short story and a game supplement (one overdue, the other due) and getting two different editions of my book Lightning Scarred and Other Stories done. And, of course, writing a novel. It’s a lot. And it’s why today’s blog is both late and short.

I hope you are also living within an abundance of good work and joyful activity. May you win your race.

Be well, friends!

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