Rye Experiment – Sweet Limpa

Another from Stanley Ginsberg’s wonderful book on rye bread, The Rye Baker: Sweet Limpa from page 185. Click through to see my review of the bread

About the bread

Preparation: Easy to make since it uses commercial yeast. However, it didn’t rise as much as I expected. I read through the post-bake steps for rye breads more carefully this time and poured boiling water over the loaves when they first came from the oven. This gave the loaves a beautiful shiny crust. Ginsberg claims that these rye breads last longer without becoming stale than wheat breads do. That has been our experience thus far.

Taste: Dense, moist, and mildly sweet with an odd, but pleasant, spice melange.

Pairings: I think this would work great with nut butters and jellies. It’s not a savory loaf so I wouldn’t want to use it with strong umami spreads like lentil walnut pate. The photo in the book shows it paired with some sort of fish. I can imagine it with cream cheese and lox.


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