Salad Days

In just about two weeks, I’ll be attending class with Kris Rusch for SF Mysteries and I’m low key panicking. Not serious panic, mind you, just a low key question that comes up in quiet moments or while reading the books assigned for the course: “How the hell am I going to do this? I’m no scientist. I’m no time traveller. I don’t know the future. I barely know the present.” Some SF writers are scientists or engineers, but many are not. Kris Rusch isn’t and she is my second favorite SF writer. Bujold is no scientist and she’s my first favorite. I know this, and yet I’m biting my nails about actually writing SF. 

I’d planned to spend November and December writing SF, hoping that I could get enough familiarity in my fingers to make this not easy, but less frightening. Events kept me from my keyboard in November and early December and there wasn’t much writing after that. So here I am. In a few short days Dean will send us the first assignment, a story to complete by the first day of class.

Is it too late to request a time machine? Or perhaps one of those keen SF insta-learning devices? Does anyone have the Acme Corporation’s order line? No, never mind. That never worked out well for the Roadrunner. Obviously Acme has terrible engineers and safety practices. I’ll just rough it.

Daily Dozen Challenge

Yesterday was a bit better. Eating a good breakfast was hugely helpful to get the boxes checked. I checked off 21 out of 24. I missed one serving of greens, one serving of beans, and the cruciferous vegetable category. I’ve found it hard to get beans, cruciferous vegetables, and all my greens in a day because they’re so filling. I had cauliflower for lunch, which ticked the cruciferous vegetable box. Today’s dinner is a big salad with dark green leafy vegetables and a variety of other things in it, including some tofu and garbanzo beans to help me get beans. 

My salad tonight, containing blueberries, beets, walnuts, kale, various types of lettuce, tofu, garbanzo beans, Kalamata olives, and broccoli flowers from my Rise Garden.

The other box that I find hard to complete is the exercise box. So I’m trying harder to get that one taken care of. Fortunately for me, Steve is an ardent exerciser. I just need to join him on days on don’t go to the gym. 

Be well, friends!

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  1. HI, Carolyn

    “Not a scientist” was a sticking point for me in getting started in writing science fiction, though I love reading and watching it (and SF fan for many, many years). But I took something I did know, military, and used that as a foundation to anchor the stories. I could work the military culture from the perspective of someone who knew nothing about it and found it strange. From there, it was on the spot research on topics like gravity (way fun watching videos), food in space (airline food had problems with taste). I even watched Air Disasters so I could do a spaceship crash. The stuff’s available once you have your foundation.

    1. That’s good advice. Maybe I need to tap into the things I know.

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