Secret Progress

I spent today working on my secret steamy romance project. I made significant progress. I mocked up covers and incorporated edits from my editor. Two more stories have come in from a friend in the same universe. They are in different stages of edits. I also plan to write another story in this universe.

Next steps include:

  • Set up an account on Amazon and elsewhere.
  • Get an acceptable contract set up for the others who are contributing to my shared steamy world.
  • Set up the bookkeeping for this endeavor.
  • Set up the secret webpage and newsletter.
  • Format the books using Vellum, proofread them, and put the books up for sale. I want to have a number of stories so that I can do a rapid release program with them.

Everything will be done using my secret pseudonym and my secret indie press because a central part of this is to learn how to do it without worrying about what my friends and family think. I want to make my mistakes quietly and adjust. When I later publish my fantasy historical books, I want to have a lot of the dumber mistakes behind me.

Ideally, I will adjust quickly so that this set of books can be successful and not just a lesson in how not to do things. Right now I hope that these stories bring in enough money to pay for the cost of the editing and provide money for the other authors as well.

That’s one of my secret projects. I’ll let you know how it is going as I move forward with it.

I hope you are also making progress with your projects, secret or not. Be well, friends!


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