It’s been a longer delay than I intended, but a very good period for me. I’ve dropped weight and lowered my blood pressure in the two weeks since I’ve been working on this. Plus I have a lot more energy. I still have another five days before I’m no longer in classes every day. But they’ll still check in with me every week and I can consult with them whenever I need to.

The time I am not in class, I’ve been writing and editing. I’ve barely been on social media or even spent time with Steve. I’m looking forward to things slowing down a bit, but it’s been a great couple of weeks.

I created a picture while I was listening to the lectures and I want to share it with you. I grew up as a fat kid and it was painful. One of the assignments the psychologist gave us was to reclaim our pasts, the bad and the good. Because it made us who we are today. He said it was important to be there for ourselves, even our bad selves. He also said that it was important to have small groups of people that accept us just as we are.

Last night we watched one of the episodes of ‘Modern Love,’ Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am which was brilliant. The story was about acceptance of our faults and sharing our true selves with others. The writing of this episode was just transcendent. JMS says that good writing is so rare that when you find someone who can do it, their scripts glow in the dark. This one glowed in the dark.

I watched it and the penny dropped. The picture I had created while listening to lectures was about that acceptance of the simple beauty within all of us, no matter our weight.

Watch me dance, Grandma!

After I created it, I realized that it sort of resembled me as a child. And it had that same energy. I have always loved twirling. My subconscious gave me a picture of the joy of just being in the body I had and empowered me to reach back in time and offer myself unconditional acceptance.

That’s so critical, because the dietary/health program I’ve started is not about rejecting my body or myself. It’s about accepting and loving it enough to bring it the four elements it needs: healthy foods, suitable exercise, loving relationships, and spiritual peace.

Art and prose can accomplish the impossible. They reach back into the past or into the future or into an alternate universe to find the wisdom we need when we need it.

I hope you are also finding wisdom through your fingers. Be well, friends!

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