Setting My Intentions for January: Goals and Challenges

At the beginning of each month I’ll outline the month’s challenges. Look for an update on my progress sometime between Friday and Sunday of each week.

Short Story Challenges: January

I’m starting the Year of the Short Story with total immersion by taking the short story course from WMG Publishing and reviewing Mary Robinette Kowal’s short story videos.

I will write and submit three short stories in January.

I will read at least five short stories by January 31. (If you have any suggestions of great short stories you’ve read, let me know! I’m interested in all genres.) I’ll post my thoughts on the ones that strike me here on this blog.

Novel Goals: January

I head to the Writing Superstars Seminars at the end of January and need to get my ducks marching smartly in a row for the Craft workshops, especially the one with Eric Flint. My primary novel goal for this month is to read my fellow writers’ novel chapters by end of January.

A writer whose work I love has asked me to beta read her latest novel, so I’m also adding that on to my novel goals for the month.

In addition, I will work on novel-writing craft with my David Farland study group and try to get some good words packed into the later chapters of my primary novel: Whomsoever Saves One Life.

Health Goals: January

I continue to work Galloway’s Couch to 5K program through January using Lolofit’s app.

I recommitted to healthy eating. What that means for me is relatively unprocessed, plant-based, low fat, and high vegetable foods. I eat a pound of veggies for breakfast and then finish my day with whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and beans. Although I will try to continue this all the way through January 31, I expect to face difficulties when I travel to Denver on January 29. I’ll do my best once there.

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