Shipwreck on the Amazonian Rocks

When you hit Publish, Amazon reviews the book and then has to agree that you can publish it on their site. Amazon didn’t agree. They sent an email letting me know that they rejected me for one of the reasons on a long list, leaving me to guess which ones. I think I’ve guessed right and I’ve fixed the two problems I think it might be. Meanwhile I decided to improve the cover, which is what I am doing now. If you are wondering why you have not seen the book announced yet, that is why. It will be out soon.

In other news my short Pesach story, “What Elijah Brought,” has been published by JewishFiction.Net and is available to be read in their current issue for free. It’s a great honor for my story to be in the same publication as so many other impressive writers and creators. I’m delighted. Please do take a look.

We’ve pushed the Argosy start date to Saturday and I’m working on another Cave Creek story in the meantime. This one is set during Purim a few years after WWII. I’m playing with some of the concepts I’m learning in Dave Farland’s 318R course, which is an excellent course packed with a lot of information.

Purim is a fascinating Jewish holiday. It is a joyous romp with costumes, gifts of food, special cookies, games, and irreverence during the reading of the Megillah. At the same time it is a holiday that packs a significant emotional message: “You tried to destroy us and you failed.” Though to be honest, that is the message of far too many Jewish holidays.

Setting my latest story in this time period, after the despair from the devastation of world Jewry in WWII and after the wild hope of Israel’s founding is a fun place to write. There is horror, happiness, and hope all mingled together. I doubt I can do justice to the topic, but I intend to enjoy trying.

Trying is the most important thing as I’ve learned in the last few years. Extending myself to learn more, to do better, to be better is where the joy comes from. It’s a practice and it becomes more delightful as I continue.

I hope you are doing well with your own projects and that if you founder on the rocks, that you repair your hull and sail out again into new and exciting waters. Be well, friends!

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