Short Update

Secret Project #1 is complete and up on Amazon under a pseudonym (so that it stays secret). I’m working to finish Secret Project #2 by the end of this month. That one will eventually be published under our names. The only reason it is secret is that we signed a non-disclosure form on it. I’ll let you know what it is once the publisher gives us the OK.

Steve and I have done a number of things to schedule time for enjoyable together activities and this is paying off in more productivity during our work time, which is a pleasant discovery. Another productivity enhancement was to reschedule as much of my work as possible to allow me to concentrate on the two secret projects in June.

Once the second secret project is in our editor’s hands, I’ll start writing the novel. Though I am dictating some minor writing and brainstorming during walks. So I expect to have a running head start.

Habitica continues to work well for me and I’m grateful to JDP for inviting me to join his party.

I hope things are going well for you. If not, make today a fresh start. Be well friends!

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