Sleep? What’s that?

My husband told me this morning that my short term memory is shot and asked whether I remember not remembering last night? No. I don’t. Which he says proves the point.

November was a no-sleep sort of month. If I were not over-scheduled this week, I’d get some sleep. Instead, I am going to join my fellow writers in a meeting, finish the next short story for Dean, and prepare to travel to Denver tomorrow where the altitude will keep me from sleeping. Sigh.

I am going to put sleep on my New Years resolutions this year.

Received feedback from Dean on several of my short stories. They lack sufficient depth, but my plotting is good. Well, depth is something that can be fixed. I can go back over Dean’s excellent course in Depth or Cat Rambo has a course that I purchased on the topic but haven’t taken yet: Dunking Your Reader in the Details. My plan is to take that course while in Denver and see if a different perspective can help me think through the issue and perhaps modify some of the I wrote this year, at least my favorite stories.

Speaking of Cat Rambo, if you don’t know about her Rambo Academy for Wayward Writers, you should. Join her Facebook group or take classes from her Teachable.

Hope you are finding the balance between sleep and productivity this week. Be well friends!

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