There is a certain insanity to streaks that builds as you do them. This is my 104th consecutive daily post on this blog. I’m making it while a fever rages within me and everything liquid tries to come out. All I want to do is stay curled in my bed.

But here I am, curled in my bed with my tissues and my laptop writing this post.

I’m thinking of writing a short story this week about Sosigenes of Alexandria. In 45 B.C. he created the Julian solar calendar to replace the lunar calendar used  by the Romans to that date. That calendar held until 1582 when it was replaced through much of the Western world by the Gregorian calendar.

Sosiginenes adapted the Egyptian solar calendar, combined with the Roman lunar calendar, to create a synthetic system better than either. Romans who lived through the calendar change in 45 BC had to choose which day their birthday would fall in the future.

I may use changing birthdays as a way into the story this week.

Hope you are happy and healthy today. Be well, friends.

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