SSWS Day Two Highlight: Tribe

Another intense day here at Superstars. I have some sort of con crud, so between the intensity and sickness, This will be a short post.

There was so much good about today. In a way today was nothing but highlights. I felt quite ill during the Understanding Amazon seminar today, so I don’t have good notes on that one, but it was quite, quite good.

In reality, what i think most resonated with me today were the emotional messages of caring and concern from all of the instructors, culminating in James A. Owen’s emotional tour de force Drawing Out the Dragon. Everyone was emotionally moved. But the messages of you can do anything and I believe in you will resonate for a long time.

Less emotionally-laden,┬áMark Leslie Lefebvre’s discussion on the 7 Ps of Publishing Success still carried the message of I care; I believe in you; you can do this.

I hope you are around people who support your dreams and care about you, people who are your Tribe. If not, find them. They are out there.

Be well, friends!

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