SSWS Day Three Highlight: Drawing Down Dragons

Today started with an inspirational Egg Benedict Breakfast with James A. Owen. He left each of us with a quote that spoke directly into our lives. Mine said “All your choices are cumulative” which goes nicely with his other quote,

“Never, ever, sacrifice what you want the most, for what you want the most at that moment.”

James A. Owen

This is what I needed to hear most. I make a habit of going for what I want most at that moment, even as it narrows other options. I am going to do that less often.

The rest of the day was filled with fantastic information and the warmth of tribe. I love this conference and these people.

In other good news, I may have lined up extra people for a writing project I am working on. So lots of good today.

I’m going to leave you with something practical Jeannette Stroud said in the session on Marketing Like a Pro:

In marketing, pick one thing to learn and start learning it. Don’t expect yourself to be at a high level  professional. Set your budget. Failure is your friend. If you have only one book, don’t spend much time on marketing. Spend money on marketing once you have your third book. By the second or third book you should be working on a newsletter.

Tomorrow we travel again.

Hope you are learning and finding good people around you. Be well, friends!

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