Stormy Internet Access

Yesterday was a lost day, characterized by fights with two computers, one phone, and problems with the internet. I made progress writing, but not enough.

The cable guy came out to see us yesterday. Here is our situation: The box that houses the connections for our neighborhood is damaged. Our connection lives on the damaged side. That’s why it sometimes gets knocked loose and that is why we frequently lose connection in rain. The cable is also too short and the cable box is too far from our house. So there are lots of different problems that combine to give us our poor, unstable internet.

The cable guy fixed the immediate cause of our down internet, but it will not last as a solution. So he’s kicked the matter to a higher level of technician and recommended that we be moved to another, closer, box. With any luck that happens today. However, that also means that we will spend time without internet again today.

I continue to work, though my style of working with online friends and using online documents (4theWords and Google Docs) is not as easy without internet connections.

I hope that technology is your friend today, and not the sort of friend that abandons you when it rains. Be well, friends!

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