Straczynski’s The Resistance Graphic Novel

It’s been a stressful week, not because of anything the week did to me but just because we are about to leave July and enter August and with August comes the school year as well as two deadlines.

Last night I attended J. Michael Straczinski’s first chat with his Patreon supporters and it was wonderful. Joe is such a laid-back sweet guy. Or at least that is the way he’s always been when I’ve seen him communicate with his fans. He mentioned his new graphic novel series, “The Resistance,” so I picked it up even though I’m not normally a reader of graphic novels or comic books. I want to learn everything I can about how he make deeply involving plots and fascinating characters. I want to learn how he pulls my emotional chords. Besides, what kind of fan am I if I don’t keep up with his lates oeuvre?

Strong characters? Check! Involving plot? Check! Emotional impact? Check!

I was up for hours after, quivering in an anxiety attack brought on by the story. So, yes it was powerful. Will I read the rest of the series? Yes. Should you? Not unless you can handle the story of a pandemic that kills 95% of the Earth’s population and leaves the survivors changed. The first episode is deeply disturbing but also deeply involving.

According to Straczinski in an essay at the end, he looks at power, who has it and what they act like with sudden unasked for powers. It is a theme he has gone back to again and again from Babylon 5 to Spiderman to Sense8 and now in The Resistance. It has always been worth following the path he sets before. I expect it will be worthwhile now.

My own work is proceeding slowly with some weeks like the last one where I don’t get much done. But I made progress on my swamp matrimony story today, so I’m pleased with that.

I hope you are finding interesting things to read and do and that your life is a source of fun. If you are a bit anxious, know that you are not alone. We’ll all get through this together.

Be well, friends!

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