Streaking Through Life

Dean Wesley Smith swears by the power of streaks. Here is his post on how to make streaks work for you.

This morning I completed an eight day streak tracking what I eat and a 6-day streak getting out each morning to add steps. I’m working on my diet and exercise habits, which has been paying off in terms of weight loss and more strength and better balance.

I’m starting a writing streak with a friend, as well. This is Day 2. I could tell you that writing with her is a way of enforcing good habits, but the truth is that I just like writing with her. I’m not a solitary writer. In my fantasies, I am writing with Dorothy Parker in a Paris cafe somewhere surrounded by interesting people. The upside of doing my writing streak with her is that it has a built-in reward: time writing with her. The downside is that I pout and get less accomplished when she can’t write with me. I’ll be attempting to work through that issue every Thursday when she has to do other things. Wish me luck with this streak!

I don’t have much more to say this morning than that. So I’ll leave you with a photo from this morning’s walk that spoke to me:

Watering can with the words Water Your Dreams! on it.

Be well, friends!

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