Streaks and the Great Challenge

After 106 daily posts I broke my streak yesterday. This is one of the worst illnesses I’ve ever had to deal with. It had me flat on my back for three days. Finally I’m able to sit upright for more than a few hours.

I am still sick. My voice is still gone. I am still working my way through a box of tissues. I am a walking personal toxic waste dump shedding virus wherever I go. But I am walking around.

The Great Challenge does not abide flu, so I rose yesterday and kept writing until I had the beginning of a story that wasn’t “And they all died of plague, suffering terribly.”

I finished that story today: “The Cow’s Curse.” Set in ancient Alexandria, it focuses on a man cursed and what he does to try to escape the curse. It is not an uplifting yarn. But it is completed on time, within parameters, using the prompt, and is on its way to Dean. That story is my 40th story in 40 weeks. Only twelve more stories to complete the challenge. That is glorious.

Much thanks to Steve for reviewing it and making recommendations. I could hear Dave Farland speaking through him. Apparently he learned a ton at Dave Farland’s Short Story ¬†Craft Day seminar.

Steve points out that I do not write as well feverish, which is good to know. Obviously I will not be one of those writers who is a genius while under the influence of mind-altering drugs. I hadn’t intended to try that, but nice to know that it can be taken off my list altogether.

Dean Wesley Smith says that when you break a streak, you put the number up and the next streak is about reaching that number. So, the daily consecutive blog post numbering moves back to 1. The number to beat is 106.


Hope you are well and are meeting your challenges as well. Or if not, that you will join me in starting over.

Be well, friends!



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