Superstars Adventure

An adventure! Superstars is an adventure in knowledge, but last night we had a real snow adventure driving to Colorado Springs. In fact, we had to stop at the outskirts of Denver and take a room for the night. Fortunately I drove down with charming people, so it was fun even when it was scary.

Sadly, we missed the hike in Garden of the Gods. But Colorado Springs is beautiful and cold. The Superstars are warm and lovely. All is well.

I used the time last night and this morning to write my short story of the week,  making this the fastest short story I’ve ever written and possibly the strangest. Titled “Ghosting the Machine,” it has a bit of a Lovecraftian vibe, but set in the present day.

That’s it for this post. Time to go down and help with Superstar set up. Can’t wait to be amongst Tribe.

Be well, friends! May all your adventures have happy endings.


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