Superstars and Cat Stories

Superstars Writing Seminars begins for us tomorrow with the drive down to Colorado Springs. We volunteered to take two fellow Superstars with us from the Denver airport. I’m excited to meet them. The best part of Superstars is the people. Time spent in a car with fellow attendees should be a fantastic opportunity to get to know them before the convention. If anyone has any weather powers, I’d appreciate a Snow Dissipation spell since we are scheduled for snow tomorrow.

Today, though, there is my short story to finish, family to visit, graphics to make, and beta-reading to complete. The last will not complete until Monday night (or possibly Tuesday night). So it’s a busy period.

Starting tomorrow and for the rest of the week I will be using a special Superstars graphic to mark these blog entries. First, because it’s nice to have a marker; and second because it will take less time during Superstars to have premade graphics for the convention. My intention is to do a blog post each morning from Superstars giving highlights. Or at least a few.


Those who know me, know that I am a total Deaniac and ardent follower of Dean Wesley Smith’s wisdom. I love their courses. The best way to be introduced to the courses created by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch is to participate in one of their Kickstarters. Usually there are discounts for their courses, and often something really good in the stretch goals.

I mention this today because they’ve started a Kickstarter with all the yummy discounted learning goodness and a fantastic topic: Cat stories. They are participating in the Kickstarter 100 by publishing 100 cat stories in 2020. I recommend you check it out.

I’m off to write my short story now. I’m returning to ancient Alexandria for more fun with Tzipporah as she treads the twisty places doing justice. This time, justice is done in the Roman baths over a rousing game of Senet.

Hope your week is productive in all the right ways. Be well, friends!

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