Sweetness in the Present Moment

I have so many friends who are published authors these days. I wish I could go back in time and tell Past Carolyn that she would not only have a lot of friends, but that a lot of them would be published authors. She would absolutely swoon.

There are times I would like to just bask in my friends’ successes. That time is today because a number of my friends have books and stories that just came out and it seems appropriate for Rosh Hashanah to enjoy the sweetness of their success.

I’m limiting this to things published just since August 1 since otherwise there would be too many friends and too many books to count. Poor Past Carolyn would collapse and never get up again.

I mentioned a few days ago that Bill Webb just dropped another book. Seriously, the guy drops bestselling books like an oviraptorosaur lays eggs: in clutches. This month he dropped two: High Mountain Hunters, Book 5 of the 4 Horsemen Sagas and Have Keyboard, Will Type, a book on how he became a bestselling writer. If you love military SF, chances are you’ll love Bill’s books. He has some diehard fans out there. His other book is a revamp of his previous book on writing. The improvements to the previous are impressive. I recommend it unreservedly.

Helen Savore just released her fourth book, Camelot Crumbles, a book set during the fall of Camelot. It starts with an assassination, continues from there, and is steeped in the events and magic of the time.

In what is clearly an attempt to outwrite Bill Webb, D.H. Dunn released two books in his epic fantasy series, Fractured Everest: The Brittle Bones of Gods and The Unseen Key. He has two more on the way in the next two months. Better get hopping Bill! D.H. Dunn senses blood in the water.

Astrid Harp had her first piece of erotica, “Juno,” published by Aurore this month. She writes lush, French-accented prose that takes its time with seduction. But be aware, touch that link on pain of blushes.

Sam Knight has a short story that just came out in Six Guns Straight From Hell 3: Horror & Dark Fantasy From the Weird Weird West and has another story in anthology scheduled to be published in October. He writes delightfully weird stories set in the Old West, some horror, some fun.

Finally, John D. Payne had his fun short story “Cookpot” named a finalist in the Defenestrationism writing contest. You can just click that link and read this bit of flash fiction. It’s a lot of fun.

So much sweet success! I hope that the new year will bring all of us success in our many, varied endeavors. Be well, friends.

Shana Tovah

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