Tea, Art, and Writing

A quick update on what is going on in my life and what I’m drinking. Lately I’ve discovered August Uncommon Teas and they are quite good. My current favorite is Passage, which combines black tea, hazelnut and chocolate. Its overpowering flavor is chocolate. The hazelnut adds a creamy richness to the tea that is very welcome. I am cutting down on excess fat and sugar in my diet so this provides mouth joy without the calories. I recommend it.

I start today on a practice novel to learn the Save the Cat beats. To keep my brain focused on the idea that this is practice only, I’ve chosen a story that is both interesting to me and one that I will not want to show anyone else. That way my brain knows that it’s ok to write badly for the next month, as long as I finish by December 21.

It’s ok to make mistakes. The entire point is not to produce perfect prose but to produce a finished novel, practicing Brody’s Fast Draft method and the Save the Cat Beats. After that I have big plans for better books.

Healthwise, I am doing well. The program I’ve chosen for myself (McDougall Program) is easy for me to stick to and pretty enjoyable. Weightloss is slow but steady. Inflammation is down enough that I started running again yesterday. My plan is to train very slowly for a 5K in March. I am doing their 12 Day paid program that includes coaching for a year. So far I’m pretty happy with it.

I continue to do artwork and hone my abilities in that realm. The picture below is one of my latest. I’m learning to create fabric folds and overpaint skin to create more realistic images.

I am also taking a course in Information Flow from Dean, which turns out to be an extension of his Depth class and quite helpful.

Hope you are all staying sane this season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Be well, friends!

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