The Last Few Precious Crumbs of SSWS 2020

Today we start our trek home. The morning began early because I volunteered to drop some of the Superstars to the Colorado Springs airport and the first person had an early flight to Tulsa. It is always a pleasure to get to know people better. Sadly, my voice is truly raw and damaged, so I’m not able to talk as easily. She was charming, though.

The joy of driving at dawn is that it is beautiful. I have a few more people to drop at the airport before Steve and I drive south and I expect to enjoy connecting with them as well.

Superstars was an excellent experience. If you are a serious writer who wants to know more about publishing and wants to join a tribe of people who care about each other, this is the event for you. I have already registered for next year. I’ll try to do a much more complete review of it in a future post. When I do, I’ll give you a code that will give you a substantial discount.

One thing that I was reminded of this time at Superstars is that it is important to pick a genre and stick to it for several books so that you can build an audience. My short story a week challenge allowed me to experiment with many genres and I will continue my experimentation in the realm of short stories.

For novels, I thinkĀ  my primary genre for my books will be historical fantasy, since that is where I go easily. I plan to simultaneously build a hot romance brand under a different pseudonym.

Despite how far I still need to go, I am much more comfortable this year at Superstars than I was previously. I feel as if I am progressing. And, even more important, I have friends.

I hope life is treating you well. If you are up with the sun as I am today, I hope the glow of dawn reveals a landscape touched by magic.

Be well, friends!

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