The Next Story

Another story is due today and this one will be a steamy time travel romance set high in the Colorado Rockies. Total wish-fulfillment stuff for me. I’ll enjoy the virtual hiking and writing about people touching each other without worrying about masks or gloves. Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses. When her lover asks her to either commit or release his heart to another woman, Cara has no way to comply.  She knows that by dawn the entire town will vanish back into the past, leaving her alone in the ghost town, yet again. Fun!

I wish I could hike up a Colorado mountain for research purposes, but no such luck. I’ll just have to use my imagination, my memories, and photos of the mountains.

One of my fellow writers doing the Great Challenge has just one more story to go to finish his 52 stories in 52 weeks. Last week he did it while sitting with his child in the PICU. I’m truly amazed by his grit. Also, he’s a great writer. He inspires me.

Like many other people, I’m having trouble maintaining focus on writing these days. I came across this blog post by Jane Friedman “Writing from the Bottom Rung: How to Sustain Creativity During the Pandemic.” I think it’s really good, so I’m recommending it here.

In other news we are prepping for Passover, trying to do so without actually going to the grocery store. It is an exercise in creativity. The crisis is helping me become less wasteful and offering me opportunities to do more with less. If only I’d been able to commit to minimalism in the past I’d be ahead of the game. But never too late to improve, right?

I hope your week is going well and that you are ready for whatever comes in the next few weeks. Be well, friends! And stay well.

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