The Tow

I’m doing some prep work on a book right now that will involve adventure racing, so I’m reading books and articles. Steve and I are watching various edgy races as well.

A race team is only as fast as its slowest member, so it makes sense that teams try to find ways to help slower members race faster. One way is the tow rope. One of the stronger athletes (or strong for now) ties a bungee rope to himself and the other end to the slower or exhausted athlete. Then the slower athlete gets a bit of a boost from the muscles of the stronger athlete. It’s a good way to improve the speed of the entire team because eventually almost everyone will need a little boost.

I think this may be true in writing as well. One of my friends has been strapping a tow rope around me and pulling me through Dean’s Advanced Depth course. Another has decided that I need to increase my writing quantity and they’ve pulled me through that. Of course it’s not one-sided. We all help each other, drafting or leading as is appropriate. We get where we are going faster. And it’s more fun.

I hope your ultra writing is going well and that you have a good team surrounding you and strapping on a tow rope when you need a bit of extra help.

Be well, friends!

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