The Un-Bacchanal

Today begins my journey to better health. I go for my blood tests this afternoon. On Friday morning I have my first meeting with the doctor who will guide me on this journey. Then October 16, I start twelve days of intensive learning and meetings with doctors via Telehealth, daily check-ins, and the beginning of the diet and exercise program. After the 12-day intensive there will be quarterly check-ins for a year.

Normally, around this time of year I have a birthday bacchanal. I am declaring this year the Year of the Un-Bacchanal, an unbridled exploration of health and fitness. I expect it to provide more lasting joy than eating my weight in chocolate. I probably won’t go into details here as I go through the program, but I’ll give updates when it seems appropriate.

I hope you are experiencing vibrant health and fitness these days. Be well, friends!

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