Thoughts from Denver

Yesterday was a mostly lost day. Between traveling and altitude sickness I didn’t have time or energy to do much. I experience fairly severe altitude sickness and generally take Acetylzolamide before I head to Denver or anywhere above 5,500.’ This time I didn’t take it until after I arrived, due to general disorganization. I suffered. My family greeted me warmly and I met my mother’s new boyfriend. After that I collapsed into barely sentient jelly.

I wrote on the plane, managing to produce about 400 words on the current story. More important than the number of words is that I think I know where this one is going. It looks like my brainiest character in Thule will be a large intelligent species of polar bear. She is the protagonist this time. I think Jord is pushing me to produce a team that will be able to solve a critical problem in a future book. It’s getting interesting. Thank Jord!

Wherever you are today, I hope your day is dawning with fresh possibilities.


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