Trains, Ships, and Sleds

The story finally came together yesterday and I sent it to Dean. I’m pleased with it. It is my first romance (though it also has its share of adventure). I’m also pleased I’ve learned something about myself. I’m drawn to write stories set on vehicles that have an element of adventure and a happy ending.

While I like reading stories written by other people set in one place (A Gentleman in Moscow and Witchmark are amongst my favorites); when it comes to writing my own, I like the sense of movement and isolation a vehicle brings. I feel almost trapped when I have to write a story set indoors. Vehicles, though, seem to be all about transformation, which is a theme that calls to me.

About 70 percent of the stories I’ve written begin on a vehicle. Ships and boats are my clear favorite, but I’ve also placed my characters on trains, starships, Arctic sleds, and a horse-drawn wagon. All three of the worlds I’ve created and go back to are set on vehicles: Argosy, City of Ships (ships, obviously), Thule (ships), and Quarere (starships).

Now that I know this about myself, I’m going to lean into it to see what I discover. I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to find information about life aboard trains. The train maniac culture produces a substantial amount of data for hungry writers. So I may spend some words on trains for a while. Or go back to ships, which are one of my favorite vehicles to write about.

What’s with all the vehicles? I’m not sure. Perhaps I need to travel more. Or perhaps there is a deeper meaning. I’ll leave that to someone else to figure out and write the next story.

Writing is an amazing doorway into our own truths. May you find yours.


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