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I met a couple of people I know from FedEx on a walk this morning and one of them asked me, “When can we read your published work?” That’s always a question that strikes fear into my heart, but I know my family and friends honestly want to know and that they ask from a place of caring. Today I will do my best to answer that question with what’s upcoming and when you can expect to see it.

I am working on a novel (speculative fiction, probably time travel) that I hope to finish by year-end and publish by February, 2021. In my ideal world I would have it published by end of this year, but realistically I think February is more likely.

Steve and I are putting the finishing touches on a game supplement for a major game publisher. It’s due to them in mid-July. (This is our Secret Project #2.) I suspect the earliest we can expect to see it in print is late Fall, 2020. It will be out of our hands and out of our control after mid-July so we don’t know. It’s up to the publisher.

I am working on a collection of Thule short stories (Arctic fantasy). The stories are due to the editor by August 15 and I expect to publish the book no later than mid-November. I’m excited about this collection and am working to ensure that will be a beautiful book.

The Micronomicon Tiny Dungeon supplement with our Thule microsetting is also upcoming, but we are not sure of the date. The person publishing it has encountered delays in the process, but it is moving forward. (And if you want to pre-order a copy while it is still half price, there’s still time! Just go here and click on the Preorder button.)

I have a few other projects I’m working on as well, but those are further out and I’ll talk more about those when these projects are put to bed. In addition, I keep sending short stories out for consideration by magazines and anthologies. I’ll let you know if any of those efforts bear fruit. Wish me luck!

May all your endeavors flower with beauty, my friends. Be well!

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