Virtual Hikes

I ache to hike somewhere new and interesting. Or, even more ambitious, to spend several days backpacking on a mountain trail. Somewhere without too many snakes or mosquitoes. (Which means far from Memphis.)

I get to hike near home a few days each week and while I love seeing nature change around me in the predictable patterns of each season, I long to spend time exploring someplace new.

The trail I hike a few days a week. It’s lovely, but familiar.

You’d think that mountain hiking would be one of the safest trips possible in midst of a pandemic. No people, just nature. Indeed it is once we are on the trail. But getting there! That is the problem. How to negotiate all of those places with people while avoiding germs, especially as the virus surges. So for now we stay home and hike the nearby woods.

That is why I am so grateful to those who post their adventures hiking online. One of my favorites is Travelloner. Today he posts a journey on the Deorital-Chandrashila Trek in India. It is a joy to follow his trek up to the world’s highest Shiva Temple, Tungnath Temple. Best of all there are plenty of pictures and videos. If you need an escape today (really, who doesn’t?), I recommend you climb with him.

Hope everyone is calm and happy today. Be well, friends!

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