Welcome August!

Happy new month! August begins and brings with it new deadlines. I have a collection of short stories going to the editor this month. Steve has a book going to the publisher. I’m also focusing on getting my writing speed up (which really means spending more time actually writing when I am at my computer) to make substantial progress on the current novel. Ideally in August I’d like to get 20,000 – 30,000 words produced for the novel, about 20-40 chapters. In addition, I’ll also be producing a SFF short story every two weeks.

Working with the new Romance group in July has been invaluable to my productivity. We’re a small group but willing to help with brainstorming, writing sprints, and sometimes reading each other’s chapters. Plus most of the people in the group are faster writers than I am, so it’s a good prod for me to keep going. Accountability and peer pressure are very good things.

Habitica continues to be a godsend for me. Because it is basically a game, I find myself going to the app frequently to feed my critters or hatch my eggs or just see what the rest of the party is up to. When I do, I also see the list of things I need to do, which helps keep me on track. Where it has helped me most is with eating better and exercise. I so easily slip into sedentary cookie snarfer mode. A daily reminder that I need to eat fruits and veggies and move my body really helps.

Today in his blog, Dean Wesley Smith celebrates a 920 day blog streak (8 years). I have done 30 day challenges, but 8 years? Wow! So here on August 1, I am committing to a new blog streak challenge. I will blog daily until the end of the year. So strap on in. I’m here for the blog roller coaster.

Best news of the month is that University of Memphis has decided to do online classes, which for Steve means that he will not have to appear in the classroom and be exposed to Covid-19 until August, 2021, after his fellowship. That is an incredible relief!

I hope you are also prepped and ready for a great August. Be well, friends!

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