We’re celebrating today because Secret Project #2 is now with the publisher. We are still bound by our NDA so I still can’t tell you what to expect, but the project is now sailing toward completion and we are thrilled beyond words. It was hard rowing for a bit but worth it for the quality of what we produced. We are crossing our fingers that the publisher will agree and won’t have too many changes.

Next up on my hit parade is the Thule book and a chapter or short story for our romance challenge. I’ll start on those tomorrow. It’s good to have a lot of projects.

Next week we celebrate our anniversary (delayed due to sickness), so we have double celebrations. Steve points out that this calls for a very good bottle of Champagne and gourmet chocolate. He is so sensible.

I don’t have much to say here today except that I’m dizzy with happiness for having completed Secret Project #2. I hope happiness is stalking you and will soon overtake you as well, if it hasn’t already. Be well, friends!

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