Writing Challenges

I do not yet have a writing challenge for 2021. I have my goals, but no game to go with them. Last year I completed the short story a week and then failed the novel challenge. I also completed 2020’s challenge to send a story to the Writers of the Future contest every quarter. (The final story went in last night.)

Last year one of my friends chose a challenge to write a million words in a year but failed. It’s an interesting thing that failing a good goal is better than succeeding with an easier one. My friend with his unrequited million word challenge still wrote quite a bit more than just about anyone I know. My novel challenge still ended up with me writing several half novels and, more important, learning more about how to write them and what emotional difficulties hold me back.

I have a lot of projects on my plate for the upcoming year as well as a full plate of courses. So any challenge will need to be light-hearted, but still hard enough to matter. I’ll think about it and I’ll let you know. Chances are I’m going to finish up things in January before I start a new challenge.

Dean has a post up about how to set up writing challenges today. He’s taking on a scary hard challenge for himself. But don’t let his challenge discourage you. Just read his tips for setting up your own. Another good read on how to set up goals and challenges is Seth Godin’s take today. He suggests a portfolio approach based on a quadrant. That looks like an interesting way to proceed as well.

Today’s tea: Melange de Chamonix

One of the very first teas I discovered I liked when I began my tea journey was Melange de Chamonix. It’s a decent, but unremarkable black tea (leaves are broken but still recognizeable) elevated above the tea’s pedestrian origins with cardamom, cocoa, and cinnamon. When served with milk the effect is a bit like a chai but the chocolate mellows it and rounds it. For several years it was my breakfast tea until I discovered a truly fine black tea that knocked me back on my heels. Sadly that tea and the company that sold it is no longer available. But Melange de Chamonix is right here for me. Thanks Upton Tea for getting my 2021 started off right.

I hope your year has started off right, as well. I look forward to new adventures with my friends. May we all be able to visit safely soon.

Be well, friends!

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