Writing in Denver

Yesterday was packed with a lot of family stuff plus an elaborate Shabbat dinner put on by my sister. It is always a pleasure to eat at her house for any Jewish event (or really any event at all). She is an excellent cook and a hostess.

But it went very late. All told, I barely had 500 additional words of short story written before turning in last night and all of that carved from time spent in very loud coffeeshops.

Denverites, more than Memphians apparently use coffeeshops to conduct extensive business meetings. This happens in Memphis as well, of course, but not so loud and not so many people. Perhaps real estate prices make this pattern more likely in Denver with people unable to afford office space and simply dispensing with it. Or perhaps people are just freer and more social in Denver. Who knows?

I don’t sleep well at altitude and last night was no exception. When I woke again at 5am, I took the opportunity to add 1,400 words this morning. The story is nearly done. It will be a short one, just under 3,000 words. I’m glad I was able to do this even while travelling. The ability to produce words just about anywhere is another gift of The Great Challenge.

I hope you are meeting your challenges today. And if you are not, I hope that they are delayed for something that truly sparks joy in your life.


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