Writing in Public – Day 8

It has been a slow, tired day. I am restructuring the historical novel to ensure that the riot in Alexandria comes closer toward the end of the book. It’s too much drama for earlier. I’ve also done some work on the space pirates novel.

I created a mock cover for the NaNoWriMo novel, which looks like it is going to be the space pirates novel.

I am deeply tempted by the challenge to write a short story each week, but I don’t know if I can maintain it. For now I’m just going to set a goal of finishing a short story this week.

Political work is going to eat into some of my writing time through October and early November but since it comes at the end of the day it shouldn’t be too bad. It’s interesting to do. I thought it would add stress to my life and reduce my productivity, but it turns out that it reduces my stress in two ways: 1) I’m doing something for causes I believe in rather than just complaining; 2) Time spent working on the campaign is time I am not spending brooding over the news.  So it seems to help my writing rather than hurting it. Also as I canvas I get a much better view into Memphis neighborhoods.

Writing in Public blog streak… Day 8

— Short Fiction: 00 new words.

— Novel-Length fiction: 269 new words.

— Blog Posts: 263 new words.

— Editorial Work: 00 words.

— Year of Short Fiction Goal: 3 short stories finished and sent out by year end.

— Novel Goal: 1 complete novel by year end.

Healthful Eating Streak: Day 6

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