Writing in Public – Gaming and Cooking

Today we gamed. Since the games are at my house it is always a bit time-consuming to clean and prepare food for the game. It is worth it for the joy of having guests. But it makes both healthful eating and writing more difficult. Of course, the best way to stay on track with healthy eating is to make healthy food. So I warned the guests that there would be no home made bread and no unhealthy food. I served fresh cut fruit, green salad, Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup, and a Quinoa Chickpea Salad. It went over well, which was a relief.

I got very little writing done but I did sketch out some ideas for the science fiction novel.

Writing in Public blog streak… Day 6

— Short Fiction: 00 new words.

— Novel-Length fiction: 00 new words.

— Blog Posts: 168 new words.

— Editorial Work: 00 words.

— Year of Short Fiction Goal: 3 short stories finished and sent out by year end.

— Novel Goal: 1 complete novel by year end.

Healthful Eating Streak: Day 4

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