Writing Like a Vampire

One of the challenges of Edit Season is that it wracks my creative brain, which then mumbles to itself while hugging itself in terror in the corner. I mentioned this recent onset of writing fear to a friend and she told me not to fear the page because, “The page is where we bleed all our worries onto.”

I’m absolutely enchanted by this description and am now thinking that I need to bite the necks of some potent worries, like a weird literary vampire, and then fill my quill pen up with ‘worry ink’ so that I can bleed it onto the page. Fortunately, 2020 supplies plenty of prey for my literary vampire. The only question is how to literalize my worries.

I hope you are finding your rightful prey in the spooky month of October.

Be well, friends!

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  1. haoyando says:

    That picture is so vampire-ish, a visual, literal, physical, imaginative vampire.

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