Written Confessions Day 25

Today went well. I have three chapters ready for Steve’s perusal. I added almost 700 words to the main novel. I wrote the piece for the Memphis Writers group and reviewed another member’s three chapters for our workshop review.

Tomorrow morning I’ll work on the first lesson in David Farland’s course and post it for the group to review. And I’ll review their work. I’ll add more words to my novel.

My writing is improving through this writing intensive that I’ve created for myself and I’m writing cleaner. I wish I were writing more words per day, but I’m working on that and will work even more intensively on word count in November as I compete to win NaNoWriMo.


Tomorrow we will have my birthday dinner and I’m searching through recipe books to figure out what to serve. I want it to be delightful but not too much work. Plus it must be according to plan. Chef AJ has a black bean brownie recipe that doesn’t use oil or flour and I’m thinking of making that for dessert, though it does use dried fruit. Even if I chewed on raw kale for my birthday, it would still be special because I am losing weight and doing exactly what I want to do with my life. I win.


Written Confessions blog streak… Day 25

— Short Fiction: 00 new words.

— Novel-Length fiction: 694 new words.

— Blog Posts: 259 new words.

— Editorial Work: 00 words.

— Year of Short Fiction Goal: 3 short stories finished and sent out by year end.

— Novel Goal: 1 complete novel by year end.

Healthful Eating Streak: Day 21

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