Year of the Counts

Happy New Year, friends! 

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that we plan a set of goals for each year and we name the year to give us a focus. Last year was Year of Health and was filled with doctor’s appointments, exercise, healthy eating and all the things that go into health. The year before was Year of Doubling, in which we attempted to double our output. (We failed much of that year.) One memorable year was Year of Fun, in which we tried to do as many fun things as we could. 

This year is named, “Year of the Counts,” which is a title that amuses me. Prosaically it means this is the year we are tracking many things: word counts, Daily Dozen check boxes, days spent writing, days spent exercising, weight lost, budget categories, number of burpees done in 15 minutes, and so forth. 

More fancifully it also refers to our big Regency Cthulhu project since Regency fiction is known for its dukes and counts. We hope to publish three more of these supplements this year. Our Regency Cthulhu projects have done quite well for us and we’re simply delighted by that. Further, since it is Year of Counts, I intend to add a few counts into my fiction, even if it’s just Count Chocula breakfast cereal. The great thing about this year is that since we are focused on tracking instead of achieving goals, we will have a lot of information when it’s time to plan 2025. Also, it’s low-stress, which we need this year.

Daily Dozen Challenge

I didn’t track last night. I drank Champagne, ate sweets, and generally celebrated the New Year before we went into the Year of the Counts. We survived 2023, and so did our mothers! It’s reason enough to throw caution to the wind for a night and celebrate. So that’s what I did. I hope you also had a fantastic time last night. Counting resumes today.

Other Challenges

Dean and Kris have a couple of challenges available this year. I’m going to attempt to write as much as Kris in January, but otherwise not sign up for the challenges. I will also be writing a novel this year and that is challenge enough for me.

Longevity Training Challenge

The Washington Post has a story today on a fitness test you can do to see if you are fit for your age on a number of parameters. Steve comes up with a near perfect score. I need to work a bit harder on these things, so I’ll be adding these to my counts for the year. 

So that’s my year’s challenges. What are you doing this year?

Be well, friends!

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